Thursday, 22 May 2008

big kid

Taking a day off from revision, I went to what is becoming my favourite charity shop, the location of which is top secret hehe. But it's the same one I got my sewing box and all the patterns and ASOS pencil skirt and other things. I'm somewhat a fan of kids clothes, one the nicest, best-fitting pair of jeans I have are from the kids department, and my ladybird top which got me so many compliments from the glamourous grannies is from the kids department. So I picked up these two kids dresses to try on.

The black one (£2) I kept, it's like a big smock top on me, the cuffs are a little tight, but I've got a trick up my sleeve to fix that. But I had to admit defeat with the yellow one and resign myself to that fact that I'm not age 6. It was so cute tho! The white over layer you could detach and wear over something else.
I also got these patterned tights, Dior darling, for 50p. They turned out to be stockings (well yes, it does say that on the packet) so I'm not quite sure whether they're supposed to stay up by themselves or what yet.
It's funny how you see things that previously you never would have worn, being worn by other people, and suddenly you discover their appeal. I kept seeing so many bloggers wearing really high wedges, or just really big heels in general, and wondering, how can they bear to wear that all day, and run around and be comfortable.
Time to play spot your feet girls.

So curiosity led me to try these on. That and the fact I'm getting drawn to all things leather and strappy, which I suppose is the gladiator effect, or the reverse gladiator effect.
I found them so be surprisingly comfy-ish, and after wearing them all day, and walking quite a lot, my feet were sore and tired, but way less painful than pointier non-wedge heels. So I'm kinda pleasantly surprised.

We had such a nice afternoon, skipping about in the sun along the southbank...
they were setting up the space outside the national theatre for these free summer shows and dances etc...I love the giant grass lamp!

and also setting up these images of the front of tate modern, for the upcoming street art exhibition. They've never altered the outside appearance of the tate, and I really like it

We also stopped off in my beloved Leon hehe, these are the stools which have been on my "to-do" making list, since about 5 years, when I first saw them in this Africa Remix exhibition. Watch this space, hopefully over summer, my take on them will come to life.


yiqin; said...

I lvoe the first top and your tights! Lovely :)

Nadine said...

I'm in love with the dior tights!

Wendy said...

Those little dresses are so adorable though. And lucky Dior find.

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

I love everything.... its true about the 2nd top, but if it was me, i'd buy it... coz i saw marc jacobs designed some familiar looking tops as that one, and loadsa gurls in teenvogue wearing those kinda tops too... (but then again, im no longer a teen..) and i love ur new shoes....

Danz said...

I love the blue tights!

T.S.D said...

the first top look exactly like something i wore when i was 5!it's adorable.