Thursday, 10 April 2008

electric eclectic

Make ya mind up! (Tho I'd prefer the latter please)

On my way to pick up a zip and some other sewing requirements, I passed by one of my fave charity shops (the one I get old sewing patterns from) which always yields fantastic bargains, even when you're trying to resist. I actually went in there because my boyfriend wanted to get some tennis raquets, ( which he did, nearly new, £2 and £3) but yus, as I said, it's impossible to leave without getting something. Sooo...
I found this sewing box. Ok. It's not the perfect sewing box, the fabric is a bit too chintzy and overly floral/ruffly etc, but I've been searching for the perfect sewing box for ages and it's either to expensive or doesn't exist. So I decided, for a fiver this one will do, it beats my threads getting tangled up in a shoe box any day. I thought I might paint over it and stencil on my own design, or cover it with some other fabric, but maybe thats all a bit long winded...It seems my style is somewhat grannyish anyway, so I might as well just give into it!

And it's really roomy which is great.

I also got some patterns of course...(20p each)

Some very circa 1980s tights....which turned out to be kinda crap actually...totally transparent, you really can't tell they're green or white, it's more kinda weird ghostly pale.

And this pleated electric blue skirt, which is obviously someones old P.E / netball/ hockey skirt hehe but so what I like it. I moved the buttons slightly so it would sit a little lower cos I'm a bit paranoid about showing too much legs. Believe it or not it was only relatively recently that I really started wearing skirts. I mean, I would wear them a few times a year, in formal occasions and a couple of times in Summer when I was feeling carefree, or occasionally wear them over jeans, but aside from that I didn't have the confidence for them. But then I decided, theres to many nice skirts and dresses out there to deny myself this option! And since then I've been loving them. Sounds kinda stupid but was a big clothing step for me hehehe.

And yes! It was someones old school sport skirt...somebody called Hollie!


Nadine said...

I'm so jealous, I love the patterns!

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

love all ur thrifted buys, and how u soo cleverly turn them into skirts and all, im soo busy sewing my collection, i dont have time sewing for myself.