Saturday, 12 April 2008

paintbox shed catastrophe

Recently I had the brainwave notion of getting my bike which I haven't used in several years out of the shed, and encouraging the arrival of Spring by cycling around in the sun in a most quaint and carefree manner. So, today I attempted to remove it from the shed, which is somewhat stuffed full of various stuff and somewhat of an obstacle course. Well I managed to manouvre it out, then a few seconds later I hear a crash...and I discover a tub of paint has fallen and smashed over everywhere! And so ensues a frantic chucking out of all the contents of the shed before the seeping pool of turquoise spreads everywhere. Lucky the cat wasn't prowling around otherwise there'd be a pretty nasty flying secateurs accident. Then there is the question of how exactly do you clean up a thick pool of emulsion? Armed with a spatula and an empty Carte D'Or box, thats how. An hour later, I've just about managed to clean up all the paint, put back the contents of the shed, and have finished scrubbing my decidedly green hands with white spirit, am about to take a look at the bikes, and I'm considering it a pretty well dealt with disaster situation, when, what do I hear? Thunder....a hardcore vicious there I am trying to throw the bikes back into the shed whilst being pounded with hailstones, a very productive morning lol.

Anyways this evening I went to a couple of exhibitions at Tate Modern then had dinner at Leon. At this point I should talk about the art, and give some deep and meaningful insight into what I saw. Instead I'm gona rave about how much I love Leon. Even though it's a (small) chain, each branch is so unique and I just adore the interiors, with the quirky 70s ornaments, old books, odd non-matching chairs, lampshades made from large tinned food cans and stools made from those large cans for building materials or wholesale size oil. (I first saw those in an exhibition called Africa Remix, which incidentally is my favoutite exhibition of all time, so far! And since then have been meaning to do a project making some) Not to mention the food which is just my idea of perfect, very healthy too and at very sensible prices. It is just like what my restaurant would be like if I ever had one. Anyway, end of rant about how great it is, here are some pics, they don't really do it justice, just trust me it's fab.

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