Sunday, 6 April 2008

snow and a whole lot of sewing

Well I got up all bright and early in anticipation of going to chiswick car boot sale and's april!! Despite the fact that the blossom is out and it's been sunny all week, and that it's supposed to be Spring! Argh, so no bargain hunting for me.

Last night I altered the charity shop red dress. After googling the label, I found that is it indeed corporate wear, so yes, it did used to be someones uniform! I just can't imagine what company's uniform this was really! I'm really loving it....mmm rolled-up-sleeve-buttons!

Apparently this week I can't seem to get a shot with all of me in frame, so be prepared for a lot of half bodies. This week I've been making skirts for ReVamp. The first one actually was a test, to see how the pattern would come out, and was some left over material from the costumes I made for eric's film, so this one is for me actually hehe.

I wore it out the other night, and I really love it, it makes such a nice outfit. I really should've taken a better pic before I went out, as I did my hair in a nice old-fashioned up-do with gold hairband, but I was in a rush. How come getting ready always takes longer than you think? So anyway all I've got is this blurry knackered at 3am minus hairstyle pic. The background is what the seating area looks like if you're a VIP hehe.

Actually we didn't have such a great time as other times we've been there. There was this crazy girl who was harassing/hassling people, and doing really over the top, throwing herself around dancing. She randomly came up to us and told my boyfriend she was a double secret undercover agent, then called me a slapper and a bitch, which I thought was a little unfair, since at this point her left boob was hanging out of her erm, classy top, from all the frenetic dancing and the minimalist nature of her attire. (And I don't mean a little bit, I mean all of it, sophisticated eh) Anyway at this point she got chucked out, but it kinda spoilt the mood.

This was supposed to be a pic of my necklace I'd quickly made earlier that day, but its kinda tangled and blurred again....Oh well.
Any good dark circle remedies anyone??

So here are my first makings for ReVamp They are all variations I did on the same sewing pattern. I'm not as satisfied with these as I am for the first skirt....the zips don't sit as nicely...I guess the pattern better suits heavy weight material like the first skirt. Which is a real shame because I was getting all excited about the pattern, and just to be sewing again in general. So now I think I'll move onto something different.....there may be some blouse pictures coming in a few days...

I put some black and white checked buttons as a change from the polka dots

and here's what it was before...a shapeless oversized 80's dress

(I really had to put them on to show how un-flattering and unstylish they look...on the hanger really didn't do it justice!)


mmm an 80's paisley monstrosity!

I'm really not satisfied with the shape of this paisley one...I think I'll have to alter it.

Apparently I forgot to take a before pic of this one, oh no! But just imagine more dodgy 80's style...
the print really reminded me of sporting stuff/school team houses and Griffindor for some reason, even though I'm really not a Harry Potter fan, so I added these lion head buttons.

Hopefully when my friends are back in town and not busy, I will rope them into some modelling and get some much better pics of these than me running away from the self timer.

A non-stop sewing,sewing,sewing week...very,very,very enjoyable. I'm so glad to be on study leave from uni, and so so not glad at the prospect of having to get on with revision soon :( Still, if I can mix in a bit of sewing alongside revision, I think I'll be ok!


Nadine said...

Oh you're so creative. I love the skirts you made out of the dresses.

soph said...

thank you nadine! and so are you! seeing your finished sewing projects made me want to get on with mine!

Jovana said...

Boy, am I glad you commented on my blog, cause now I discovered yours, and I love it!!! Esp. cause it's so much about sewing, recycling garments, and I was searching for blogs like that!
About your post:
* That was some nasty girl, I don't know if I would've been able to keep my calm, while she harasses my bf and me.
* Necklace you've made is beautiful!
* I've read somewhere that drinking a lot of chamomile tee helps with dark circles.
I'm off to read your previous posts! ♥

soph said...

Thanks Jovana! I'm looking forward to read your new posts too.
Will try the camomile!

Rose said...

yes very creative! great style and stylish mind that's all i have to say. And reagrding "why is it that getting ready always takes longer than you think" lol its so true, that's probably why i'm always rushing and didn't have the time to take my outfit pictures.

oh and thanks for the comment:)cya around~