Friday, 4 April 2008

a lucky day

Yesterday began with ringing into the radio to enter a competition to win VIP tickets to mumbai nights. Mumbai Nights is a club night/dinner and dance at the Skybar at the Sheraton hotel. The bar is surrounded with palm trees and plants with a swimming pool in the middle. It's rather pricey for a club, but you get snacks, the surroundings are pretty impressive, and the music's great.
Anyhow, we tried our luck, and...our call got put through, we got the question right, and we won, we won!! So, do you know, what is the fastest animal on two legs?
I was sooo excited to win really...I can't think of anything I've won before..So that was lucky event number 1

Then I dragged my boyfriend to rummage through the goodies at Traid, (well he benefitted quite nicely from it too, with two shirts) and when we got to Hammersmith we found they were having a food market so lucky us we got hot-hot bourek and falafel for breakfast. While we were eating I spotted this girl with faces on her trousers...

In Traid they were playing insane screamy techno, which really wasn't conducive to shopping! I didn't see anything I fell in love with, and I guess I was kinda conscious that I have lots of materials from ReVamp, and the Ikea boxes under my bed are overflowing with my fabrics, so I'm not desperate for new materials. That also reminds me, I really need to come up with some new storage solution for fabrics...
Anyway I just picked up a couple of XL dresses which could be used for materials, but I think this red one I will adjust to my size to wear. The thing that swung it for me was the folding-up-sleeves-button detail thingy, because recently I've had a mini-obsession about this feature!

On further inspection, I think it's actually some kind of work uniform! It's really long, and the fabric is really think, heavy polyester, and it has this attachment for pining on badges without making holes in the fabric; i.e for an employee badge perhaps. Anyway with a few alterations I think it'll make a nice dress.

This is the other dress.

I'm not so sure about the pattern on it now, but I think when it's made into something else it'll work. I think I was drawn to the colour combination because it's exactly the same as one of my woven rubber handbags I used to make.

I also got some simple black heels. I'm really stuck when it comes to shoes for going out-parties-clubs etc since all I tend to wear is flats and boots. So something simple in black to go with everything is what I was after!

Well I had better go attempt to do something with my hair and face and get my dancing shoes on.


Nadine said...

I love the second dress :).

Rose said...

yeah i really like the second dress too~


I really like the yellow/gray/white clutch actually. Very interesting.

soph said...

Thank you :)
They're made from a sample book of woven rubber carpet/rug tiles I randomly found...
Very very sadly I haven't been able to find another one..I think it was from the 70s...So I only ever made about 10, which is a shame cos I really like them..