Thursday, 3 April 2008

and just to cap it all off...

(yus, cheesy pun)

Last night I dropped by my local arts centre. It's somewhere I like a lot cos it's just accross the road and they've got a cinema, exhibition space, theatre/dance space and bar/restaurant. One time me and erica took part in a dance show and once I had a stall selling my handmade stuffs at a recyling event there. Sadly it's not used enough because frankly they don't advertise themselves well, you couldn't even tell that there is an arts centre there if you walked past. Anyhow, we're kinda friendly with the guys who run the restaurant, and recently I asked them to collect bottle caps for me, since they just end up getting thrown away anyway. I used to just ask everyone I know to save them for me, but now I realised I need a larger supply. So it's only just over a week since I asked them (and it's really not the busiest bar ever) but look how wonderfully proud they've done me!

It's a properly massive stash so looks like I'd better get busy! Hopefully soon they'll be looking more like this:

and this:

I'm also trying to think of something nice to do for the restaurant guys to say thank you....any ideas??


Wendy said...

Pretty original idea.

Nadine said...

I also have one pair of earrings I made out of caps. I love the idea.

erica said...

erm bake them one of your nice cakes??