Wednesday, 13 February 2008


The first of the bad news is that I shrinked my grandma's hand-me-down blue dress. I really didn't think it needed dry cleaning (even my mum agreed), and it didn't say what fabric it was so I thought a careful cool handwash would do. Oh no. It's shrunk in length but not width...if it were the other way round it'd be great, no altering! But as it is I've gotta a reaaally short dress. When that happened I really felt like it was a bad omen. And 2 days later it's happened, my sewing machine has broken down, right in the middle of costuming :( Can't believe it, my beautiful machine, I thought I'd be posting costume pics by now. Oh well. I'm gonna throw on a load of evil eye jewellery (seriously!) and hope everything goes well from now.

Yesterday I went charity shopping for costume related requirements, I wasn't even looking for myself and I had absolutely no intention or any desire to get anything for myself. Really! But when awesome things just jump out at you and they're absolute bargains, it would be stupid to leave them behind, right?
So yeah I spotted this striped skirt for £2, seems like new, needs a bit of altering (oops-i did say I'd stop buying things that need altering) but it'll be so yum when it's done.

I also couldn't resist some more patterns....They're 20p each...So useful...and so cute illustrations...

Instant pencil suit apparently!

Tennis dresses...

and oh my god the kids have got pocket watches! Ok this pattern definately wouldn't be big enough for me but how cool about the pocket watches?!...I don't really know why they're there...mmm further consultation of the pattern tells me it was an embroidery detail. How obscure tho...and how on my wavelength!

And lastly this bag...(£1.75) last time I saw my friend Kajal she had a pretty much identical bag but in green she had got on holiday in Morocco, which I had admired a lot, so now I'm admiring the one on my arm hehe.

I've realised I'm quite fond of this kind of simple-ish but so handcrafted feeling leather stuff, so effortless & carefree feeling to wear (not sure if that makes sense or if it seems like that to anyone else...but to me it does..)..I've got quite a lot of it this bag I got from a 2nd hand shop in Holland...which is the bag I'm using all the time at the moment

and various shoes which are my summer comfortable..the pink and mustard ones I got in Spain, and the rest are sold a lot around where I live, available in every possible colour and are super cheap and super versatile.

This pic reminds me of in the playground, when we used to put all our feet in our circle and someone would say some rhyme to decide who was it or whatever. I can't remember any of them tho...and I really want to! Would be so useful in choosing things! Ah nostalgia....the only one I can think of right now is;
'Ipe-dipe-dation, my operation, how many people at the station?'
What operation now?!

So yes, some thrifting success and some sewing/making misshaps. Anyway I think I'd better ban myself from going into charity shops for a bit...hmmm!

Oh but to end on a sweet note, heres a strawberry and chocolate cake I made on Monday. It was so lush really. Clearly the Sunday dessert experience hadn't put me off for long!


erica said...

So annoying about your sewing machine. Machinery always takes the piss at the wrong time. And oh my gosh that cake looks so so good!

Ip-dip-doo, dog done a poo, the cat weed on the old man's shoe, you are not it.

How mature, and why do they always start with weird ip dip made up crap?

Eleh said...

that cake looks too good to be eaten! and that handcrafted bag is way lovely.

soph said...

thank you dears about the cake! seems I should post pics of my cakes more often...yum..

And I don't remember at aaaalll that rhyme eric, indeed it is delightful!