Monday, 18 February 2008


Say phew cos the costumes are finished..
I borrowed eric's mum's machine on saturday afternoon and in a day and a half of non-stop sewing I somehow managed to finish them. I really had to rush them a lot, so I'm not massively happy with the finish on them. They're not perfect and I hate to feel like I didn't make something to perfection. On the other hand I'm quite surprised I got them finished and that they've come out as well as they did considering the problems. So all in all I'm kinda satisfied.

Ok so the synopsis of the film is this: A thief who lives on the edge of a town in a caravan goes for a walk in the woods. He mulls over his future as the townspeople have become more cautious and their homes more secure over the years. His plan was to accumulate enough wealth to live in another town as an honest man. In the woods, he spots a small run-down cottage. A witch lives there who has jewels in her eye sockets. He steals these while she sleeps. In the morning he is a magpie and forever the witch’s servant.

Desperate to see if they had come out ok, and with no-one else around to model for me, here I am as the thief and witch.
The thief's costume. You'll have to trust me and believe me that it is actually man-size and a lot bigger on me than it looks in the picture! The backgrounds are from this book of fairy tales that I think was my mum's when she was a kid, and they inspired me with the costume. He has a irredescent blue-greeny-gold waistcoat cos later he gets turned into a magpie and all.

Do I look well crafty and skillful and thief-like? And back back back in the day-ish?

The witch. Eric wanted a loose floaty purple dress with a hint of klimt-esque pattern in a small panel...

I was going to make the panel more intricate and detailed, more klimt-ish but ran out of time. This fabric is from a screen-print design I did in A level. I was kinda stuck as to what fabric to use for it then I found some left over fabric from these screen prints and thought it would work pretty well.

Aaand I altered my striped skirt from the previous post just now when I got back from uni, so now the only question is what to wear with it. It shall be getting it's first outing tomorrow, I'll take pics.

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