Monday, 18 February 2008

transport museuming

Bicyclism! Sounds like a word I'd make up.
Last week my aunt and cousins came to stay for a couple of days, and my cuzs wanted to visit the Transport museum and Army museum (they're both boys, incase you couldn't tell). Anyway the Army museum wasn't entirely my cup of tea but the Transport museum was cool for its vintage posters, and cute and humourous illustrations.

mmm yum
and check out this guy wearing spats

And I hunted down a poster featuring a pocket watch....damn its a stylish accessorie

These leaflets reminded me of a certain someone...they'll understand

This one cracked me up..."I bewared" !!

As did this 1930s-ish one encouraging people to move to the outer areas of the city...

as it's where I live and nowadays it looks nothing like this quaint quiet street, and is anything but a desirable area to move to. It's more like a selubrious haven of fried chicken and kebab shops and an abundance of £1, 99p, 98p and other variations on the pound shop, among other things.

Neat advertising idea.

And lastly...

I want some!!

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