Sunday, 10 February 2008

to-do list

Ok so this week is 'reading week' meaning a week off uni to read loads and study and do work etc etc. Uhhh yeah. I always get so excited before any break from uni, thinking I'm gonna do so much stuff, finally get time to make this, do this project etc etc, and then the time flies by and nothing gets done. This time I'm feeling kinda evil and thinking I should devote my time entirely to my makings rather than uni work...or rather cram everything I absolutely have to do into the sunday before I go back.
Who wins, you decide.

Anyways I've always got loads of mental and post-it lists of things I want to make but since I'm so forgetful and theres like 8 million other things to do aswell, I tend to forget them. So I decided to keep a list here and hopefully actually get some done. This is the week I'm making the costumes for eric's film so I'm not sure if I'll actually do any of these but it's so great to actually be making rather than studying. Here is a sneak-peak, the sleeve of the witch's costume.

First up, I've been meaning to make something out of this old jumper of my mum's for aaages.
Looks pretty dull huh. Well I wanna combine it with this pillow cover fabric (charity shop),

which I also used ages ago to cover my desk chair...I just noticed the saw on the floor on the'm not sure why thats there...can't remember what I was using it for..

Anyhow, I did plan to cut off the sleeves, take it in, use the sleeve fabric to make a collar, add the pillow fabric to the bottom to make it longer, and make it into a side opening jumper-dress with nice brown buttons. Since then I've been thinking to make into something a bit....simpler I guess...more vestatile..with a different shape. These bad scribbles kinda illustrate what I mean, ish.

Next, I wanna (get the marks out and then) take in this dress of my grandma's so it'll fit me. (Actually I got quite a few of my grandma's dresses I want to alter but this is top of the list for now)

I've also got an abundance of ties waiting to be made into tie-belts.

And I've still got the shirts and the dresses from Traid to alter.

Tights. I'm getting really excited and inspired with everyones tights experimentation here here and here and elsewhere which I can't think of right now. I particularly like the ones inspired by these and since I'm love with tights after suddenly getting over being uncomfortable wearing skirts, I so wanna get doodling on the tights. But I can't decide what!! Any thoughts anyone? I was thinking to ask my friend Jen to draw some of her designs on some for me which would look fab I reckon. But I also wana have a go heres thinking...

I really gotta burn a cd for my friend Shadi, I've been meaning to do it for aaages since the last one I made got lost in the post. Stupid post. Will deffo get around to this one tc.

Oh and I've been dreaming in a skirt resembling something like these. Massively. Yum yum yum. Want want want. So IF I get any time I think this'll be top of the list.

Lastly, I'd just like to share with you this insanely large dessert I ate today. I was getting lunch with my dad and bro, and they decided to have dessert so I thought I will too, and I thought, No, I won't get this dark and white chocolate truffle cheescake on a chocolate cookie base, no that will just be super rich and way too over indulgent. No, I'll get this Italian apple crumble, fruity and not so over the top right?
Uhhh wrong! It's the size of a frying pan!! Needless to say I didn't eat it all yet I'm still feeling super full. Groan.

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erica said...

wooo the witch's sleeve excites. We should have a tights dying/doodling day, after my film, definately definately.