Thursday, 17 January 2008

traid rampage

TRAID have been having a £3 sale recently, and that's pretty much the only time I go in there. They have some really good stuff, especially vintage stuff, but its really expensive for a charity shop, so the sales are awesome. I had left it a bit late, and thought all the good stuff would be gone, so imagine my exicitement when there was still an abundance of rad threads to be had. Thinking of what I really need, (button-up shirts to go with my beloved pencil skirt and pocket watch) and repeating 'control, control sophie', I made it out there having bourght 7 items and only dented my purse by £21.
Here are my two button-up shirts and a little bat wing jumper which I added my owl brooch to.

And here is a blue flower print dress, a massive granny jumper that I'm not so sure about now, this green string-vest type garment which I got cos the sleeves look really 1930s, and another dress which I'm now kinda thinking, why??

And here they are in action. The shirts both need taking in a little but you get the idea. Oh man I wanna be a secretary! I'd use the furniture inapproriately and change the hold music to Boom Boom Boom by The Outhere Brothers.

Both these need taking in and up, here they are pinned up, roughly how they'll be after I alter them. When and where am I ever gona wear the pink one? The blue one'll be sweet in summer, except its 100% nylon or something, so it'll be more like a massive sweatfest, mmm. It also crackles with static when I move! I'm also told that friction caused by nylon rubbing against nylon creates sparks! (My dad had an unfortunate nylon pyjama with nylon bed sheets incident. Well, it's one way to keep warm in winter.)


I'd also been looking for shoes with a small heel to go with my pencil skirt, as the only heels I have are for soireeing only, my feet can't bear the pain of high heels all day. I found these in Oxfam, they were £3.99 and they look hardly used. They're from Clarks, which I never go into cos to me it means schoolkids/grandmas, i.e boring practical shoes lol. But now I understand why, they're so comfy inside! They are a bit grannyish tho hehe, in a good way, like cake.

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erica said...

that pink dress shouldn't be in the "why?" it's well nice! yeah man i might be replacing matthew at the freemasons when i finish uni, and i am looking forward to wearing fancy blouses and pencil skirts. wicked.