Sunday, 30 December 2007

this weeks charity shop offerings

Yesterday was very exciting for me, perusing some previously unvisited charity shops..some quite large and fruitful ones...
One had loads of old sewing patterns for 10p each! None of them are my size but I'll adapt them and figure something out! hmm! You gotta love these 70s illustrations...especially the girl in the blue coats expression..dreamy! And Mario's Corner looks like a right jammin hang out!

They also had this craziness...which I didn't purchase!

It's a bit sad really cos someone obviously spent ages painstakingly making it, but erm, it's somewhat an acquired taste! And now it's unloved being sold for just £5.

I love looking at the furniture too, dreaming about when I grow up and get my own place, I'll fill it with revamped old furniture. I especially like the 30s wardrobes with labels for each compartment 'hats', 'shirts', 'underwear', for those who don't recognise their own clothes and are unable to identify what item of clothing it is! Prevents those crazy what the hell am I wearing I've gone out with my pants on my head kinda situations.

Spotted this gem the other week with Erica, who when she grows up and owns a mansion, is gona have a tacky room, devoted to only the most fabulous kitsch tack. I think this'll fit in just nicely. Hopefully by that time they'll have sorted out that time travel business so I'll come back and get it for her as a housewarming gift.

And lastly, picked up this skirt from Zara I'd been eyeing up. Love love love it. Got this shirt too- at first I was mad at them for stealing my scissors motif, but it looked a whole lot better on than it does on the hanger, and at 75% off I decided to forgive them.


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