Wednesday, 16 January 2008

bang bangs your dead

On a complete and utter random whim I decided to cut myself a fringe today. Clearly these things should never be so hastily considered and carried out, but I was feeling in a restless mood. At first I was like, oh my days you look like the biggest tit ever, thats horrible! But now its ok, its nice to have a change. And I've come to the conclusion, with your look and clothes and wotnot, you can't take yourself too seriously, you've gotta accept yourself and have fun with it. (Not very often I can stick to that upbeat outlook of self-image tho!) I look even younger than my real age than I did before tho, I think I'll still look about 17 when I'm wrinkly. However this combined with the granny-look I seem to be inadvertantly cultivating, (see ROSIE glasses below and granny shoes),will be interesting if not amusing.

I bacically look like this but a little taller. Not much tho haha. Same akward smile. Check out the cute duffle coat! I was well rad.

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erica said...

awww cute picutre!!! i will be looking forward to seeing your new hairstyle on saturday.