Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Ok, I have been forced into a) wearing my glasses and b) getting some new ones with the right prescritption in, as we've got a new lecturer who makes you read out passages from his powerpoints. "I forgot my glasses" is going to get really old especially as 3 people already said it before me. So, here is a long-ish short list. I haven't tried any of these on yet, it's just what looks nice on the website. All of from Specsavers, and all, after 30% student discount will cost £60, (except the first which cost £45). Still such a lot for a tiny piece of plastic to sit on my face.
So, opinions, votes, comments please!
Just FYI, these are my current glasses from the kids section which I've had since ages:

And heres the ones I'm considering:
ROSIE. granny chic.

CANDY. Actually I have tried these on, they don't suit me much.

GRAPE. Also available in brown.


MARBELLA. says it all! more grannyfiedness.

PALM.tortoiseshell mmm.

UNISEX 306.also available in brown.

UNISEX 336. a bit too black and heavy for my face perhaps.


ooh and if I could bear those little things which sit on your nose, i.e metal frames, these'd be sweet.

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