Friday, 11 January 2008


So here is the window display of this new shop. Fine, if it I were in Brick Lane or some other trendy east london hang out. Fine, if it were filled with rad and unusual treats. However it is neither. It's in Hammersmith, random, not exactly a hotbed of coolness, cept for Tiger and a couple of charity shops. Secondly, it doesn't sell anything much cept a couple of rails of random boring 2nd hand clothes and a few odd bits of furniture. So much effort has been put into the display, theres even a row of barbers chairs complete with sinks (how rad would that be at home) as you walk in, and the one sales assistant is dressed as a concierge. Therefore I'm perplexed! I thought it might be an installation or experiment or something...but..hmm I just don't know.

Also, what is up with charity shops throwing away donated goods? One night last week I was walking past an Oxfam a couple of doors down from the Barbie rave shop, and they were throwing away an insane amount of donations. (I could tell it was donations and not rubbish cos the bin bags were semi see-through. Didn't have my camera on me tho.) I was going to have a rummage through them but a couple of guys had already started and they looked kinda crazy, and you don't really wanna get into a rummaging through trash with crazy people late at night situation.

Anyway, one of them had salvaged a portable cd player (either that or he just happened to be carrying one around), and another time I rescued a picnic basket and some really pretty decorated/jewelled NEW boxes, which were being thrown out. I really don't get it. Ok, fine, they must get given some really rubbish stuff that no-one will buy, but why throw away perfectly decent stuff. A few days later I went into the shop in question and it was so empty so it's not even like they were overstocked. I'm so damn infuriated! Today, I noticed loads of suspicious black bin bags outside a FARA charity shop. Hmmmm. I will investigate.


erica said...

oh i think i went in there, was it full of weird army stuff? and next to the barber's shampoo chairs it says "open your own salon" and the price...

soph said...

Yeah random army coats and 2nd hand clothes.
wats it all about!