Wednesday, 9 January 2008

charity shop joy

After an afternoon spent idly browsing charity shops, I was starting to get slightly disheartened as I hadn't found anything exciting, purchasable, amusing or simply fabulous. Until...!
I've been supposed to help my friend Erica make this dress she likes from the film Atonement, since ages, but we just haven't got round to it. Here is her illustration of it:

And low and behold here is what I found, (apologies for the crap picture, it's winter and theres so little light in here I feel like I"ve gone into hibernation)

Ok so the sleeves are different, but is has the bow! on the whole I think it's a pretty damn fine match! Also, it's Dior, not that I'm that bothered either way with designer stuff, but at £9.95 it makes it an extra damn fine find! I'm guessing Dior Jeunesse is the kids range, so the size 12 would be age 12...But it fits me just fine, so for Eric who is a little smaller than me should be perfect.

(Eric I hope you have gone into a dancing frenzy of excitement! Mua)


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