Wednesday, 9 January 2008

For the love of a pocket watch...

Recently I've been overcome with an obsession for pocket watches...Clearly I think I'm in 1913 or something along with the spats obsession. Anyway, I MUST have one! So I've been lurking around on ebay and have made a shortlist...
This vintage beauty is too pretty but with the winning bid being £98 there was no way I could compete

It has this coat of arms on the back...aahh yesteryear!

So with the vintage ones being out of my price range its gona have to be a made in china one. I'd prefer one in gold but the designs I like are in silver.
There is this spiral "night vision" one..

which is actually silver despite the goldiness of the nightime pic, here it is in daylight:

I found one I think is the same in gold, but I'm not sure if it has the exciting night vision feature!

Theres also this Spider night vision one, which again in daylight is really silver

So it's decision time! Opinions anyone?

5 comments: said...

may i ask where one can buy this cool watch with the nightvision????

I kinda love it

Anonymous said...


i agree ... the nightvision ones are quite beautiful, really mindblowing even

where to buy one ?


soph said...

They're all from ebay! Can't remember which seller but if you search for pocket watch they'll come up...
Mine stopped working after a while tho...but it was quite cheap..

Noryuken said...

Hi, may you please find out the seller's name?? I absolutely love it, I'm searching on e-bay but I cannot find it..oohh :(
thanks a lot!

soph said...

I can't remember the sellers name, but there were a few sellers who had them. If you make sure you are doing a world search on ebay, not just europe or country specific, you should find them, as all the sellers were in China.
Hope that helps!