Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Forgot to post about a couple of things I picked up last week. There's this "discount" charity shop near me ( I dunno, everything is half-price) and on my way to the library I couldn't resist having a look in. It's a bit hit and miss, but last week was a hit. I didn't intend to buy any more clothes, I just thought they might have some man shoes or you know something really useful lol. Anyway I got this black and gold dress. I'm not much of a ruffles girl but it fits me like a glove and I love the cut, the back and the matching belt (so genuinely vintage). All that for £3 you can't go wrong. Here I am being caught preening.
Also got this granny knitting/wool bag for £1.50. It's gonna be used as a handbag, not for storing wool as sadly I'm not much of a knitter.

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Eleh said...

such lovely bag and shiny dress.
anw i read your previous posts and i love all the things you got from TRAID. that pink dress is beautiful!

i went to the link for the store and the prices there are pretty high huh. lucky you that you got them for 3pounds only!