Tuesday, 5 February 2008

wanna be on top?

"Na na na na na na, na na na na na na na, wanna be on top?"

[Ok so this is the lamest publicity shot in comparison to the previous ones. What's up with the silver.] Yes, yes it's time to get excited cos last night was the start of all new America's Next Top Model cycle 9. I swear the last cycle only finished like a month ago, so we are being treated indeed. If you're not into ANTM then a)what is wrong with you and b)what better things have you got to be doing on a monday night? I'm eagerly anticipating Tyra's insightful musings on modelling, "What you did was this [strikes a pose]. What you wanted to do was this [strikes exact same pose, bulges her eyes a little] See the difference, ha ha?" The best one from last night has got to be "You gotta keep control of your coochieness". Will keep that one in mind.
And tsk, I can't believe they didn't put Marvita through. Shame about the name (a mix of Marmite and Ryvita?) but her looks were fiiierce.


erica said...

They should really sell marvita, the new marmite flavoured ryvita. I would so buy that.

soph said...

ryvita is tack really. once i got given 2 free packets, one salt + vinegar flavour, one thai sweet chilli. it still tasted of cardboard..