Sunday, 3 February 2008

bootin and lootin

Another thing I'd been looking forward to going to was chiswick car boot sale, I'd heard it was generally a good car boot, and also seen a lot of man-shoes from there on fem brogue blog. So braving sickness and the freezing damn freezing cold, me and eric skipped along. I went with the aim of finding some man-shoes of course, and some watch/pocket-watch ness if possible, and what a treat we had.
First up, maaan-shoes, or rather man-boots. Ok they're not silver, but they're still pretty swish for £2.

Second up are these two tiny cute lady watches (everything is getting genderised now!)...they were £1 each..

I wasn't expecting them to work, I was planning on wearing them as non-functioning accessories (I never wear a wrist watch so I'd never get used to telling the time from anything but my phone) but when I got home I got it to work ticks but doesn't keep time well.

I love the stap of this slides along and wraps around it self then snaps to fasten it.

Then there's this one,

when I got home I found out it has these hallmarks on it...don't know what they mean though

Lastly I got this watch only had one hand but I like it and I'll figure out something to do with it..

Eric's loot included this ingenious horse brooch, earrings and necklace in one!

This cauldron thingy which is a prop for her next film, about a theif who steals a witch's eye,and gets turned into a magpie, and features shadow puppets. I'm going to be making the costumes for it.

And a super 8 camera !

A definate success.

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erica said...

haha! i look like a weird eyebrow-less freak in that picture!