Thursday, 31 January 2008

a week in clothes

Since I've become addicted to reading blogs, in particular those featuring shots of peoples daily wears, I've been thinking of sharing some of my outfit choices. Perhaps it's sad but it makes a big difference to me, how I'm looking when I step outside, and concocting an outfit gives me that little bit of fun and creativity that can make the day start right. So heres the past few days in clothes.

My blazer which I wore endlessly a couple of years ago has seen a revival since my gal pal May did remind me of it.
blazer: my mum's school blazer
t-shirt: ?
jeans:zara kids
boots: asda (!) my first foray into supermarket clothes. reduced to £6
scarf: also asda

Another pair of reduced-to-£6-boots. Nearly all my footwear is with holes or with the sole worn through, and I was so sick of wet feet and so desperate for new shoes, hence the bit random £6 boot fest. I had been thinking to make these shorter, sew another fabric in the turnover etc etc, but then I thought I could wear this long jumper as a dress with them and feel all robin hood ish. The giant hand is the hair-piece I was wearing.
Jumper: 'Jamie Quinn' from TKMaxx
Scarf: my grandma's
Boots: primark
hand hair piece: £1 from some random shop.

I remember back in th day when we were young, May wanted a cardigan which looked like a conductors coat, as in conductor of an orchestra, not a bus conductor. This one kinda does, either that or a giant hat for your ass.
cardigan: 'Jamie Quinn' from TKMaxx. no idea who this jamie quinn dude is cept that he makes nice knitwear.
scissors shirt: zara
jeans:zara kids
safety pin brooch: ?
bangle+earrings: charity shop

(yuk, horrible face expression) I'd been hassling my mum to give me this old skirt of hers, and finally she did. You can't see in the pic but its stripy and made from jersey and has a cute pocket at the back. It reminds me of kids clothes for some reason.
Recently I've overcome my lack of confidence in wearing dresses and skirts (I guess I realised I was missing out!) and since then am in love with skirts/dresses. Only thing is I don't have many. Also it means I've come to experience trouble with tights. Mine keep falling down :S !! Any recommendations on where to buy good tights? That don't cost a lot (Bearing in mind I bourght 2 pairs for 1.50 which might explain the lack of quality and falling down ahem ahem)
top: some shop in America I can't remember.
skirt: hand-me-down
button earrings: i made them

This outfit looks a little weird I know, I think its the wideness of the top of the jeans combined with the wideness of the belt, and also tucking the shirt in. Anyhow I liked how it looked a bit like something was wrong. Does kinda make me look even more of a shorty than I already am tho. The miffy keyring was a gift from May when we went Holla-Holland.
shirt: charity shop

On monday I woke up to find outside covered in a blanket of silvery fog. Thus silver-grey (and warmth) became the focus. The necklace was a pair of earrings gifted to me by May (wow I never realised she featured so much in my clothes lol) which were soo heavy so I made one into a necklace.
Jumper: charity shop (a previous Traid £3 sale)
stripped skinnys: primark (eek, again I'm afraid)

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