Tuesday, 29 January 2008

you've got mail

When I came home to find this on the mat yesterday, I knew it could only mean one thing...my pocket watch!

A momentous and exciting day! Now remember kids, donn"t over winding it! I am slightly annoyed tho, it's got roman numerals instead of arabic numerals like it had in the picture,(roman numerals confuse me!) and it has 'MADE IN CHINA' on the back which you can't remove, which it doesnt have in the picture. Hmm sneaky photoshopping. However you kinda gotta expect this kinda thing when your ordering mass-produced stuff of ebay I reckon. Still well rad tho.

edit: Being so cautitious so as to not over winding, the clock is stopping every few hours so concequently I'm as lost about the time as I was before! How much winding is too much?!


erica said...

wow looks wicked!

Guy Mason said...

I have the same watch. The first one I got would stop whenever it was tilted at a certain angle. I wrote the seller back (got it on ebay) and they sent me one that actually does keep time. I can't tell from your photos but mine is a really gaudy fake gold color, so I painted it brass. This may have been a stupid idea but it is working out ok so far.

I hope you got a better one that keeps time!