Sunday, 27 January 2008

jewel in the rough

I'd been wanting to go to Deptford market since a while just cos I'd heard it was good for junk and second hand stuff which obviously excites me, and I had the fantasy that I'd find the perfect pocket watch among the rubbish. So yesterday me and eric (eric of the atonement dress) went, and of course I didn't find my dream pocket watch but it was much fun all the same.
We witnessed this pretty sunset at Crystal Palace station.

At which point I decided it necessary to take note of eric's rad outfit, love love the bag, and the red colour accents. Her expression so reminds me of someone but I can't think who..

We also went to the biggest Specsavers we could think of, in Tottenham Court Road, to try and find the perfect glasses with no avail. Whilst mashing about in the Oxford St area we passed the lush and exciting Selfridges window displays.

We also mused about the loveliness of man shoes. A.k.a brogues, like these ones I mentioned before. Fem Brogue Blog has a lush dedicated selection of what we mean by man-shoe. We want some!!
They're so paperly and craftish and remind me of some things I was making last year like this,

on the right are my sewn up fortune-tellers and spirographs, and on the left is my friend Jen's designs. Maybe the connection doesn't seem so apparent, but to me it is!
Also reminded me slightly of Tara Donovans work which I love.


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