Monday, 25 February 2008

ladybirds and ladies who lunch

I just thought I'd share this outfit as when I wore it last week it induced an incident. A small and unimportant one perhaps but one that did surprise me. I was stumbling out of the Stockpot, a cheap and cheerful old fashioned cafe with a huge varied menu and yummy cheap food. I was greeted by a fierce gust of wind and two ladies in their 60s or 70s, stylishly dressed with perfectly coiffed hair and elegant make up. One of them touched my elbow and exclaimed 'how lovely!', well I didn't have a clue what they were on about and stood there looking nonplussed till I realised they were talking about me, at which point I looked down at myself then back up at them with the expression of a kid who is about to be told off, but doesn't know what for. (I briefly thought pocketwatch? my layered socks-shoe combo?) Anyway then she said "What a dainty girl!...don't you look lovely dear?" at which point I stood there blinking with my mouth hanging half open looking about as un-dainty and un-sophisticated as ever. I managed a surprised thank you before they sashayed into the cafe and I skipped off. It might sound silly but they made my day :D

I guess the hairstyle is kinda cute.

I guess I should also find a ledge and get friendly with my camera's self-timer as me looking concentratedly into the camera screen is getting a bit boring.
(background image from here)


Nadine said...

your hair is so cute and I love love love the shoes!

soph said...

thank u ..*blush*


This makes me miss my bangs :/

Stunning eyes ! Gorgeous . What is your ethnicity if I may ask

soph said...

*more blushing* hehe
yeah a fringe/bangs is fun somehow!

i'm 'mixed white+black caribbean' well thats what I tick on forms!

loving masala chai posts as always x


At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I've always been mildly envious of bi/mixed raced individuals. First because they're ridiculously gorgeous, second they're very very intelligent.

And this is a theory I have arrived at after much research & deliberation :D

& thank you :)

soph said...

hmmm! hehe.. im very curious about that theory or rather the research..!