Sunday, 24 February 2008

family and fondue

I went to see my family this weekend which bacically equates to lots of eating. My aunt did a fondue which was super yum, fun and very sociable, I think I'll have to try this in our next soiree. But also super-fattening for sure..emmental, gruyere, brie and parmesan ?! Yes indeed. I feel so full. (the fact I'm sitting here eating Toblerone probabaly doesn't help haha).
My grandma, on learning of my pocketwatch facination also showed me this pocketwatch that belonged to her mother...(Yes I'm afraid it's some more p-w related ramblings)
with her initials engraved in it.
And this pendant which is actually a powder compact holder thingy which you can wear as a necklace..

In other news, I took my sewing machine to the shop to get fixed. I opened it up, plugged it in and started sewing to show them the which point the problem mysteriously dissappeared...Argh! Well the good thing is that there's nothing wrong with it..But I did feel so confused and stupid..The man and his wife(?) who own the shop remembered me (which is so nice!) teased me quite a bit about it...and also complimented me on the pocketwatch!! My invented trend is starting to get out before it takes over!
Anyways right now I'm knackered (spelling?!) but much news and pics to show and tell later..

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erica said...

ahh your grandma's pocket watch is so nice!!