Tuesday, 3 June 2008

trick up my sleeve

Remember the kids dress I posted recently, the one I said the sleeves were too tight. My original idea was to just cut a slit in the sleeve, and continue the red curved stitching up the slit. However after I did that I decided I didn't like it and that it only highlighted the fact that my arm was too big for the sleeve.

So, I began rummaging around in one of many many boxes of fabric, this one being one given to me by my grandma, of fabrics and things she had made; embroidery and crochet and all sorts of things which stir up my memory and imagination. I found theses piece of embroidery. I think they were place settings. And I thought they'd be just perfect to use.

I just cut a section out and sewed it over the gap, leaving the top part open, but fastened with a button, so it's kind of a pocket. I'm so pleased with it, the red and the white of the flowers goes exactly with the red and white detail of the dress. I had been thinking this dress makes me look like a doll in a ridiculous kind of way, but now with the additions I've made to the sleeve I'm liking it so much.

I do kinda look like I just stepped out of a fairytale though, especially if you wear bow in your hair like this! Which is too overly cutesy for me, so I don't think I'll ever wear the two together.

Anyway this box of stuffs is like treasure for me, I'm properly amazed by the stuff my grandma made, I couldn't even begin to get my head around making this kind of stuff. Some of the bits of lace and ribbon I've used in work before but there is still lots to be explored.

And here is a pic of my grandma and friends in Barbados, probably about the same age as I am now. I just love their swimming costumes! I wish they made more like this nowadays, rather than endless badly fitting skimpy bikinis. These are much more stylish.


Nadine said...

Oh you did a great job. I love it!

Eleh said...

paired with the bow, it looks ridiculously awesome!

revel in me said...

OMG, I am going to come over and STEAL THAT BOX! :D

Meg said...

That is a brillant idea, and you managed it sew it well too. I love old photographs, I sort of wish colour photography hadn't been invented.

Unrealized Fish said...

CUTE dress :-)

T.S.D said...

How you could come up with such a genius idea is amazing! and the top is gorgeous.