Monday, 2 June 2008

I see girls...

Apparently guys are no longer content with simply making tasteless flirty comments as girls pass by in the street, now they have moved on to slowing down as they drive by, rolling down the window and blowing kisses. Yesterday I was treated to this and the guy's oh-so-witty repartee from the car window. First was the blowing kisses as they drove by, then some metres down the road they pulled over as if to park. Me being suspicious began to rummage in my bag pretending to search for keys/mobile, as I approached the car, so I would be occupied if they started. I was starting to feel a bit paranoid and stupid for being suspicious when one of them said "Hey, hey, hello, don't you believe in love at first sight?" to which his friend in the passenger seat added "Come on, don't break his heart!" Oh so romantic, how could we not fall for these so delightful advances? I was so glad I had been suspicious and didn't have to do the staring fixedly into the distance, pretending I can't hear you thing.

The thing is, I just don't get it. What's the point? What do they think they're going to get out of it? And none of my male friends do this, so what makes certain guys feel the need to? It's more the "Hey baby" etc calls that bother me than the longer more drawn out advances. At least they're trying, in a very lame way, to be constructive, and it is vaguely amusing sometimes. What's worse is the "tst-tst" / "tch-tch" noises. It sounds like you're talking to an animal, really, what is the point. The other thing I don't get is, why me? It seems to be pretty constant and yet, I don't make a special effort to dress up all pretty and femenine all the time, I don't show a lot of skin (not that that's an acceptable reason for guys to act this way, but that is what happens), and I really don't think it's that they appreciate my vintage + handmade attire. Although, that would be rather cool. I guess it just comes down to the anything with a pulse will do criteria.

I guess I am just finding it all rather tiresome. Except for one comment I heard today. As I sat down on the bus, sitting near me was a very little kid who said, "A lady! Look at the lady mummy! She got nice twirly hair!"
Twirly hair! I think it's the perfect description.


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

u are spot on about guys like tat. i just dont understand why too.. some would even go as far as driving really close by to my car, whilst wanting my mobile no. its like wtf, im nvr gonna gv my numbers to some stranger...or honing, or chasing my car. it can be scary at times. on the street, i wld react just like u, pretend tat i didnt hear a thing. but its really hard keeping a straight face, coz i always feel like laughing..

Miss3va said...

i love this post
it's true
they think we're animals that come running at the "tch tch" sound.