Saturday, 1 March 2008

spring is in the air?

The past couple of weeks, with the lack of rain and lots (ish) of sun (still well cold but sunny) I've been tentatively thinking perhaps Spring has arrived. The past couple of days have been more gloomy so perhaps I should still be cautious but the other day I got somewhat excited about it cos Spring means Summer will eventually be on it's way, meaning more sun, ice creams, watermelon, parks and picnics, yay! Thinking of that I did this:which was supposed to be watermelons but it came out kinda crap so I took it off. Less rain also means I can wear my shu-boots again without worrying I'm going to drown in them, so in celebration of that I put together an outfit based around the green-blue of the shu-boots. I think I was somewhat influenced by these obsessive mono-colour dressers
Now that is a serious hardcore clothes mission!
Oh and here's a secret...those forests and cityscapes...I'm not really there, heres the real deal, my tip of a room. The skirt is actually a dress which has a weird neckline and is a bit shorter than I'd like so I tucked it in here and folded in there and it became a skirt
The necklace I made from a kinder surprise toy. Oh and this was paired with one of my many green eyeliners. My eyes are this weird shade of green and at some point I got a bit fixated with finding an eyeliner to ended up with a few too many..but most of them are from the 0,90euro shop in Spain so it doesn't break the bank.
But then the tights started to irritate me and I dunno I wasn't feelin it, so I put on this which is kinda mono-colour ish I guess.
The top was a hand-me-down from my grandma which is a few sizes too big, so I safety-pinned the sleeves under themselves to get the wide layered kinda effect, and wrapped the sash differently to how you're supposed to, and voila it fits. Oh and I remembered to wear my glasses for once. The background is a Doris Salcedo installation/sculpture, just incase ya was wondering.
Anyways, in summary, getting dressed takes too long!


erica said...

those nails remind me of this wicked ice lolly they hd in japan one year i went. it was like a slice of watermelon on a stick, and had watermelon flavoured green and red bit, and then they had little chocolate pips in it. ah it was so good. but the next year i went, they didnt have it any more. : (

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

i SOO SOO love the aeroplane necklace...