Tuesday, 26 February 2008

If they could come to life..

My grandma bought me a calender, '365 days of hangbags'. I'd like to dispute that title with the publishers, since sometimes one bag is used for two days, so its more like 342 handbags. Hehe not really, it's filled wtih a huge variety of styles from all periods in history and loads of stimulating designs. If I could somehow pull them from the paper into real life, here would be my picks for February..
Love it. I love maps.
Her head gets chopped off :D This is like me in the train in rush hour, all the people are taller than me and I end up getting my head knocked constantly by their oversize handbags, and near lacerated eyes from newspaper edges. Look! Other people exist!
I'm kinda surprised its circa 1880...

So cute!

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Nadine said...

Oh what beautiful handbags! I love them!