Saturday, 1 March 2008

make do and mend

I'd been meaning post about these shoes I've got which have a massive casulty to the sole as you can see

Actually a lot of my shoes are worn out/with holes/ always seem to get worn out so quickly, I dunno why..I guess I walk a lot, but still, it's no good. Anyway they're these cute canvas boots with a rubber sole, so you can't exactly get a new sole put on at the shoe repair place like you can with shoes with like a hard sole if ya get me.
So I had been wondering if anybody had any bright ideas of how I could fix it. I've usually got a remedy to fix anything, but this time I was stuck until .... I found these: how fab!! I haven't seen them before but here's hoping they work and I don't end up with my shoe sole flying off in the middle of the street. Not very stylish.

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