Friday, 21 March 2008

i'm back!

I was away for a few days. I was in Valencia and it was good good good. I'd never been in VLC for this particular time of year which is Fallas...I'd try to explain but this guy puts it so much better,
"During the year, over 350 Valencian communities construct huge colourful fallas-sculptures (2 each = around 800 in total) made of wood and papier-mache. The fallas are usually satirical in content and often elaborate works of art, some as high as 25 metres.
On the 15th of March the fallas get planted throughout the city and Valencia explodes with the party. Millions of petards are set to explode, there are state-of-the-art fireworks twice a day and a buzzing nightlife complete with mobile discos and concerts. For the next four days the entire city takes to the streets to walk around and enjoy the fallas-sculptures.
The fallas-communities themselves break out nomadic camps on the streets and cook paella on the pavement. On every street you walk, there is a parade of locals in traditional costumes and with music bands.
Every evening there is a colourful carnival in the central square of the city, with a different theme every night. On 16th it is the folkloric carnival. On 17th and 18th it is the Offer of the Flowers – a wooden silhouette of the Virgin in the plaza de la Virgin is filled in with carnations, brought by traditional parades in full colours and music. On 19th it is the Carnival of Fire." [from]
So anyway, here are some of my pics (fallas, street style and ice cream/food related yumminess)

I can't say that I really love the sculptures themselves all that much, they are all a bit the same in style and all a bit Disney-ish,.. but some are funny and interesting in what their commenting on...

Here is one of the Fallas Infantiles (smaller ones for children) being rigged up with explosives..

and here it goes...

look at the little girl's face! aww

and this is the one we chose to watch getting burnt..

some amazing lights...

carnival of fire...fireworks are showered over everyone.literally. you just gotta shut your eyes and duck hehe

traditional dress

and little boujis

even littler bouj

I just had to share this Japanese tourist's holidaying outfit...hehe..

clearly in 25 degrees celcius, the perfect accessory is a woolly hat! it said 'WEST SIDE' or something properly ghetto on it..

hehe I wasn't stalking her I promise..

she was rockin it anyhow..

This pic is for Eric. When I posted that watermelon nail varnish, she had mentioned about a watermelon ice cream in Japan which she had loved but has dissappeared and I had a vague recollection of eating something similar as a kid in Spain. And indeed I was right....I didn't get a chance to try it tho so I cant report back about whether it has chocolate flavoured seeds...I will do my best to sample it in summer tho!

And....some will know I had somewhat of a kinder surprise obsession I was very excited to see these easter pastries with kinders!

Lastly here is a bracelet I bourght. Love love love it.

It's really similar to this ring I bourght there last year...cept it's not the same guy that made them I don't think...unless he grew his hair a lot!


Anonymous said...

your bracelet is amazing :)... really lovely pictures ^^

erica said...

ah exciting exciting! i hope your revamping projects go well... i need to go to spain to eat that ice lolly...