Wednesday, 12 March 2008

hide and seek

There's a charity shop on the way back from getting groceries which I've never been to (shocking I know!) simply because I couldn't find it! There's a sign but no shop....I'd looked around before but couldn't find it...But today I persisted in my search and around a few corners and a car park later I found it! And found these grandmother-ish shoes (not to be confused with my granny shoes)
They really are so old lady chic right?! I fell for the holes and the little folded tassles on the laces. And for £1 you can't resist.


Nadine said...

Such cute shoes! I'm in love!

Kate said...

They're a little bit wrong which makes them so great.
If they were a brilliant blue that would make them fantastic.

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

yup, yup, it is old lady chic, am loving it.. i superlove flat shoes, but im short, so heels are the only way to go..

Meg said...

The folded tassels are too, too brilliant! The colour is also great, hard to find shoes like this in grey

soph said...

Yeah I had been thinking perhaps to dye them another colour....but that could so easily go wrong! and this colour is pretty versatile I guess

Jezmine, I'm a shorty too...I'm sure it must have some advantages..??!