Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Last Summer I was invited to participate in a new social enterprise which was being created, ReVamp, which was being formed to promote aspiring designers and artists who provide a sustainable, ecological alternative to high street fashion. The aim was to build a designer collective to produce recyled, reconstructed and revamped items of clothing/accessories from pre-used materials donated to charity shops, which would then get sold in the charity shops. (Cancer Research UK charity shops). Obviously, this was a perfect opportunity for me and a very exciting one too. Aaaand, a few months down the line, things are taking off. A couple of days ago I went to rummage through a room of materials, a treasure hunt through unwanted garments in need of a facelift. It was so exciting really! From a quick glance at this blog, it's probably quite obvious I adore charity shops, for getting materials for making my recycled/reconstructed things and for getting bargain oufits. So indeed it's right up my street, and I'm very very excited to get started.
I got loads of ties to be transformed into tie-belts...

..a few shirts/dresses to be transformed into things which will be revealed here soon..

and some pair-less single earrings,buttons and brooches to adorn them..

So today I'm on a mass laundering/ironing mission getting everything ready to be re-made.




Nadine said...

Oh this old jewellry is awesome.

Eleh said...

i can't wait for when it's done!