Wednesday, 22 April 2009

shirt-dress revisited

You may recall this. A guys shirt made into a dress. This time I tried it with a too big caftan/shirt, again snipping off the sleeves and turning those into a ruffle on the hem to make it long enough to be a dress. I also took the sides in a little.

Et voila, I quite like it.

I must confess this blog has moved slightly from sophie makes fashion to sophie makes least its a bit of both and a few other things inbetween. Either way it's still sophie making.

As for cake, that is something often revisited with me :)

[Chocolate orange butterfly cakes, and mixed berry cakes.]


erica said...

oi oi do i see major procrastination from your uni work??

Winnie said...

Nothing wrong with baking in my eyes haha!

Emily said...

Love this simple and stylish shirt dress!! It's nice!!