Thursday, 11 September 2008


Here is my left hand. I'm not sure about it. It got a bit smudged overnight and hmmm maybe I didn't mix the paste well enough, it's a bit messy. Oh well.


estrella said...

It's so beautiful!! I'd love to have my hands tatooed with henna someday... cause I'd create a complete mess!! you're an artist :)


dear, thanks for the sweet comment, do do come.. Eleh of Come Thrifting with Me came by, but i didnt have time to see her.. if you came down, id bring u shopping to all the cheap cool places. yah, life has been busy.. dont have much time on me anymore and im busy with my online store too.. neways, i LOVE for handmade bags & skirts from below! Love ya Soph.

Kate said...

Did you do that yourself?! Top job.
Love your new bangles too.