Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Here's what I've bee upto lately...Scouring charity shops for 70s bedsheets and duvets which would perhaps be a bit too chaotic for a restful sleep, but perfect for recycling into bags and skirts...All these will be going on sale at the Cancer Research shop in Marylebone High Street, as part of reVamp

For these two bags I made the handles by shaping a piece of wire, adding beads, and finishing each end with a button.

For this one I used a bangle for the handle...I really like this idea because I always see lots of cool bangles in charity shops but I can't really justify buying them because I have hundreds and hundreds already...but now I will have a legitimate reason!

I really love the chunky floral print of the dark brown one, there's was some material left over, so I started making a dress for myself, but either I'm being stupid or the sewing pattern is missing some steps! It doesn't seem to be coming out right...and there isn't enough left to start over so I'll have to make some adjustments and try and use some of my sense to make it fit...

Oh and thanks so much to Estrella for the "100" award, I will get around to passing it on soon :D


estrella said...

I really like the darker sheet print too, I wish I lived in London to get the bangle-bag! What a great idea :)

Sharon Rose said...

Very well done-soo creative and stylish!!