Thursday, 17 July 2008


It's forever since I posted and I meant to post this ages ago, I already wore it twice but forget to capture that moment in celluloid or rather jpegage. But my brother made this fabulous t shirt for me. I mentioned before about his general ultra coolness and the fact that he's a dab hand with his air spray gun, getting the kids at school to queue up to get designs put on t shirt and caps. Well now I've got a piece of the action, a golden owl with my name on, I love it. And what else is cool, is that because it's gold with white highlights that kinda look silver, you can wear a mix of gold and silver jewellery, now thats rad.

I made a cake for my boyfriend's birthday, and was rather devastated when it didn't turn out quite right. Without trying to big myself up or anything, cakes are my thing, my cakes are always fabulous, so this incident has completely thrown me and made me question my existance on the planet. Ok, well not quite but still. See it looks pretty but tasted a little....strange....And I've made this cake 100 times before so I'm mystified.


Sharon Rose said...

So sorry your cake didn't turn out as planned, but it certainly looks gorgeous, as does your top!!

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

gosh i've missed you!! its so sad to hear about ur cake tho, but it does look lovely!