Wednesday, 14 May 2008

write me a letter

The girl on the tube with my name necklace has fuelled a renewed name/word jewellery obsession.

I'd kill for some word rings....or some jewellery saying "Oh my days!"...just so my brother could say to me as he often does, 'Just what is it exactly about your days? What happened to your nights?'

While searching for those I also found these...
kitschy cute

rad rad rad

Mario necklace from
the others from:


yiqin; said...

I'd love to have some word rings too! They'll be so rad :)

emma said...

i love those earrings after carrie wore them in sex and the city i def got a pair :)

Meg said...

Yes, very Carrie appropriate, though less freaking out if it gets lost I imagine!

Zahra said...

We make Name Jewelry and ship world wide !

Very unique and exquisite !