Thursday, 8 May 2008

out and about

Lots to show and tell...

Yesterday and today I had exams, ick, but on the plus side the temperatures gone up by like 10 degrees and it's gloriously sunny. The place we have exams in is called the royal horticultural halls. I don't know what horticultural business they get up to in there but there are some pictures of plants on the outside of the building

So yesterday I wore my birds tie-belt with this floral shirt. I liked so much the idea that the birds were sitting in the flowers/trees...ah simple pleasures.. If I could get hold of the wood print fabric I saw once with Eric, and made a skirt, it'd be a fully themed tree oufit!

On the way to exams yesterday, I found the uh, more direct route, (rather than the long stupid route I took last time that got me lost) and along the way found this cute little street with a little market, and some semi-unusual shops. There was this jeweller which had these so cute charms in the window...

They are well pricey as you can see, but they are gold lol...But they had some in silver which were much cheaper. I was thinking on my last day of exams I might treat myself to a silver one. Althought judging by my performance so far, I'm not sure I deserve one. There is one which looked like one of these old-fashioned tills you get in the Italian cafes in Soho, but on closer inspection it was one of those gambling machine thingys.

In this new-found street they also had this hairdresser. I was also thinking to get my hair cut there after the last exam, I mean, whyyyy not?!

On the way I also passed the Channel 4 headquarters, which I guess if you pass every day isn't that exciting but I found the building quite interesting.

As you round the corner these red metal blocks come together... form the 4 sign.

Since yesterday, with the arrival of the sun, everyone had busted out their summer dresses, so I decided to join them.
Recently I was getting annoyed that all I could find in the shops were footless tights, and I wanted my feeted ones. But I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this out with as much bare legage as this dress shows, so now they've come back into my favour.

I've been pondering name necklaces for a while, and then today, opposite me on the tube, this girl had a necklace with my name in arabic. I mean I'm sure it's her name too, but it was a funny coincidence. Actually I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't exactly how many dots there were so it could have been "Suqi"...but I'm jus gona think it was Sofi hehe. She was probably just wondering what I was doing staring at her chest.

So today I got more of a chance to look at the market, which sells some random, funny, and lovely things. There were some weird pyjamas and big granny pants which reminded me of when I was really little, there was this market we used to go to in Spain, and apparently I used to complain about going there because, according to little me, it was all table cloths and big pants. Nowadays you'll never find me complaining about a trip to a market.

There was also this stall selling so many sooo nice dresses...I could've easily bourght any of them..So I was taking some pics, so I could think about it and come back later.
This one had little heart-shaped buttons.

But in the end I decided on the red one, which was one of the more simple and less detailed ones, but I realised I have lots of patterned stuff already, and I have nothing red.
When I tried it on I found it's too big around the sides...I think it looks a bit weird like this.. This was the smallest size they had so I can't exchange it for a smaller one, so I think I'll have to change it for a different style. I think I'll have to drag someone along to help me choose because there were so many and I'm bad in making desicions.

So all in all the exam trips have been sweetened somewhat.


estrella said...

I do hate that kind of markets, especially when my mum insists in buying a bikini there :S You can't try it, or you can try it inside a van, I don't know what is worse, and you don't know if you'll be able to change it if it doesn't fit :S

Anyway, the dress you chose is my favourite from the ones you show, I'd love to have one like that... it's a pity that it doesn't fit well! Maybe you can mend it?

Good luck in your exams, so that you can treat yourself with one of those silver pendants :)

Nadine said...

What a great red dress - reminds me of miu miu!

soph said...

lol yes, its true, those bikinis!

maybe i should try and fix it...can't decide..

Eleh said...

i think you made a good choice. the red dress is lovely!!