Saturday, 10 May 2008

all that glitters

I'm watching Santogold on Later with Jools...Her dancers are looking as rad as they did when I saw her supporting M.I.A, in their robotic wayfaring fabulousness. Also, recently a poster for her debut album has popped up near where I live. This is going to sound stupid without a photo to back it up, (but I don't have one due the speeding past the poster on bus) but the gold part of the poster, is erm, really gold. All glittery and eye-catching.

Luckliy I've found some pics online:

pics from here

check out Santogold's shimmery radness here


Meg said...

Santogold is good, but not as good as MIA, she's a politically active rap-electro girl, who can beat that?

soph said...

yup I agree, MIA holds the top spot