Thursday, 24 April 2008

my brother, style icon

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, he turned 15. I say style icon because, whenever anyones makes any comment on his clothes, he nonchalantly shrugs and jokingly says, "Well..yeah..I'm a style icon". He's not exactly passionate about clothes,(although I did find some wardrobe diary shots in his phone the other day) but he does put together some rad combos that most teenage boys would dismiss as "looking gay". My favourite was a pastel turquoise hoodie with bright fushia gloves he found somewhere. Anyway, I was searching to get him something other than clothes as a present, since he's got his own style, but in the end I got these screen-printed t-shirts (the guy I bourght them from designs and prints them himself) and these red shades.

I can't believe how much he's growing up, I'm older by 6 years but it looks the other way round. Not only in his looks either, he's so comfortable with himself, and fun and witty, (I think we have the same sarcastic gene) and just cool without trying or being aware of it. I was definately none of these when I was 15. He also is really creative, he's into street art and recently got this air spray gun for doing designs and stencils etc and he's got the other kids at school paying him to designs on their t-shirts and caps. I gotta get in that queue, I want my own t-shirt by him. So this post is dedicated to my little bro who is the bestest brother in the world I tell ya.

On Sunday we went to Battersea Park and mainly messed about and played at taking stupid pics of ourselves...It was so much fun I laughed non-stop.

We took loads of these and I had animated them so you could see the oh-so athletic and graceful jumps in action, hehe, but for some reason blogger doesn't want to show these.

As my dad often randomly says "It's all fun and games till somebody loses an eye/limb" Well no lost eyes just a bump on the head.


Nadine said...

Oh your brother is so cool!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those shirts are so cool, I would like them myself! Your brother sounds very chill and rad.

estrella said...

That about your brother sounds great, also because you notice it and say it!

And those T-shirts are really cool!