Monday, 28 April 2008


The trouble is with Erica is.....there is no trouble with Erica hehehe, I just found this pic completely randomly on Google image search a while ago and wanted to slip it in somehow. My friend Erica came round a few days ago to do some modelling for me, which was fab and very useful. It was the first time we saw each other since she came back from holiday in Japan and lucky me, kind Eric had brought me gifts!!
A quick look around this blog and you might notice I have quite a think for pocket watches, and low and behold...

and from the back...

I like it verrrry much, thanks so much eric !
Not only this but some biscuits which are somewhat depleted now hehe

And these candles which were not from Japan but Eric said they reminded her of me because of the henna-like designs. These are so lovely, I shall save them for a special soiree. It's been sooo long since I did any henna :(
So thanks you so much to Erica. Now the cool thing is I have a little gift for her, if she likes it. The other day I was in the hidden-away charity shop behind the supermarket, and spotted these shoes, the gold horse reminded me of Eric's horse necklace/brooch/earring she got at the car boot.
I don't know, they've got the "they're a little bit wrong which makes them so great" factor which is why I liked them. If Eric doesn't like them, they can go on ebay.
The interesting thing is, they once cost £75 from Kurt Geiger !!! And, that whoever bourght them, decided to sew their name tag into them (who does that past the age of 12?!) and then cross it out in marker pen. Seems sensible to me. I removed this so now theres just a faint line of dots. But still, tsk, what a stupid way to damage shoes.
I also spotted these which I liked but were a size too big, so I got them for my mum who I'm trying to convince of their radness. She's yet to be enamoured. So again, if she doesn't like, they'll be ebayed.


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

i love the pocket watch.... mine is broken... lucky u!!

Nadine said...

The pocket watch is amazing!

erica said...


Meg said...

I am obsessed with watches that don't go on your wrist, so this pocketwatch is awesome IMO. I love the ornate handle and back. And paisley candles Though the smell of mendhi/henna stains make me gag if it's too strong.