Monday, 22 June 2009

love train

Saturday was spent mashing about in Deptford, a poke about at the market, lunch at a creative re-use of an abandoned site, The Deptford Project, finished off perusing the creative wonders of Cockpit Arts open studios. Muchly my kinda day.
The Deptford Project is a piece of dis-used land, turned into a market (just next door to the regular market) with mix of furniture, vintage fashion, food, and arts and crafts stalls by local designers, and, a definite contender for the top 10 coolest cafes in the world, is the cafe housed in an ex-railway carriage.

Cockpit Arts

Along the road from Cockpit there are various other studios, a gallery, a creek and a nice vibe. I like Deptford a lot, it has genuinely cool, exciting creative goings-on, alongside the very normal, cheap and cheerful. I feel much more at home than in the well-known somewhat forced, too-cool trendy arty quarters of London. (Not naming any names, haha)

In the Cockpit Arts pop-up cafe.