Wednesday, 8 October 2008


All the talk about paper fortune-tellers reminded me of something I had been meaning to post aaages ago. A while back I got a commission to make some cufflinks, in the same vein as my jewellery/clothes/accessories, meaning in some way recycled, re-purposed and re-constructed. And these were the results...

The insides/cogs of old watches, and some military pins found at a car boot.

Where's Wally fortune-tellers, and of course, Lego.

School sports badges, found at a car boot.

I was really excited to do this project as it means I've finally got an item for the guys! Lots of people ask me if I do stuff for guys, or why don't I, and it's just simply because....Well guys aren't so much into wearing/buying accessories, and I guess, being a girl, ideas for females just occur to me more often! But actually, after making these, I feel like ripping off the buttons and adding an extra hole on a couple of my shirts, so I can wear some too. Especially the watch ones, as some may know, for no particular reason, I am ever so fond of everything watch related.


Dapper Kid said...

Wow wow wow, these are amazing! I love the watch cufflinks, and those lego ones make me smile :)

mayyytrix said...

Can i have some for this LBM i know, please?

yiqin; said...

Ah I always find the inside of watches very fascinating.

Lynne said...

I love these - they are so great. I love the Where's Wally ones too - very inventive.

Anonymous said...

hey do u still have these cuff links??
i'd love to buy them
send me an email if ur intrested though:
thanks ;)