Monday, 18 August 2008


Ok no palm trees or hammock but it was very nice
all the same....

I picked up a couple of cute vintage dresses, for 1€ each....Of course as soon as I got back here, the weather is awful again. I think Summer is officially over, so looks like I'll have to wait till next year to wear them.

I also found these huge bead necklaces, which was a bit of a coincidence, since all of my recent drawings, of ideas for clothes, were accessorised by enormous bead necklaces. I had been vaguely considering covering a load of ping-pong balls in fabric and stringing them together, but these seemed much less effort!

And lastly some vinyl/plasticky fabric. This is for making a second pair of shu-boots, this time the idea is that with this fabric they'll be waterproof, i.e rain-shu-boots.



OmG!! i totally love ur dresses.. we did you go for vay-kay? but i really love the 2nd dress, like really really love.. ha..ha..

estrella said...

So you've been to Costa Brava? Barcelona maybe? :)
The necklaces are beautiful, lucky girl!

Sharon Rose said...

The dresses are totally gorgeous, an excellent find!! Love your pictures too!