Thursday, 17 April 2008

petite inspiration du jour

Millionaire video -Kelis ft. Andre 3000
Watching this video the other day reminded me of some clips I've got from when I was about 3ish. The video is amazing and these clips are so cute. Does kinda increase my being mistaken for being about 5 years younger than my age though.

I've also got these sheep ones.

Today I'm tediously slow in not getting my essay done. I blame Shadi and the brain game. It's procrastination au max. Still, I've beat his high score so thats something!

Also I've been tagged by lovely Jovana

These are the rules:
* Create a link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules for this game on your blog.

* Tell 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about you.

* After answering the questions tag six other people and link them in your blog.
*Tell the people you've tagged about it in their own blogs.

Hmm Hmm Hmm! This is hard. The thing is about quirks is that you don't seem to notice them about yourself until someone points this out to you. hmmm here goes:

1. I always have to shake/check my towel before I go in the shower and when I get out, and the same with my duvet before I get into bed. For insects naturally. Not because there are above average number of insects where I live, but you never know. It happened to me once in both instances. I wrapped the towel around me and there was a big spider sitting on my shoulder. Ick. (My mum was amused after catching me doing this once, hence I know it's peculiar).

2. I've got a patch of grey hair. Which for a 20 year old isn't that cool! What did I say about kiddy-grandma clash-crash?

3. The most frequently asked question of me is, Where are you from? (As in ethnicity, not post code) I guess thats not a quirk of mine, more a quirk of others reaction to my appearance. The guesses are varied and always wrong hehe.

4. When the water goes cold in the shower I immediately assume someone has broken in and is fiddling with the taps in the kitchen. Because, you know, that must be the first thing on an intruders list, never mind stealing stuff.

5. I've got a birth mark on my face which looks like a bruise. I can barely notice it, but I swear on some days it must become darker than others, because on certain days everyone will be asking me :O, did you have an accident? what happened to your face? when the rest of the time they don't notice it.

6. I always prefer to write in black, not blue. It's just better.

And so I'm tagging:
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I've tried to tag people who haven't been tagged with this one sorry if you already got this one.


erica said...

oh i know a good quirk... but its to do with your peeing so i guess i wont mention it. although i just half did. hm. sorry.

soph said...

lol I knew you were gona say that!! But I swear I dont do that all the time! And yes, too much information lol

estrella said...

Hey, it's so nice to be tagged for the first time! :) I'll try to get some time to do it.

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

thanks for the tag.

Jovana said...

Those hair clips are so cute!
I'm scared of the bugs, so I understand the 1st quirk.

Nadine said...

I love the sheeps :)

Danz said...

aww those clips are adorable. I had tons of clips as a kid probably not as cute as these though.

Stephanie said...

I used to have clips like that when I was younger, I wish I had saved mine!

Wendy said...

Your sheep clips are so adorable!