Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well I've been MIA for a while, drowning in essay-ness I'm afraid. But speaking of MIA, here something extra super cool that I found out. A couple of weeks ago on Facehunter I saw this pic,and thought wow that necklace is amazing. A few days later I found out it's part of the new jewellery line by Kali Arulpragasam (yes! M.I.A's sister) If you know me, then you know how much I LOVE M.I.A and now I'm in love with her sis' jewellery.
The new line is called Terroism Affects Tourism and is an attempt to "remind us of the underlying beauty of countries that have been marred by violence."

Here is what excerpt from an interview with her on clutchmagazine.com, I love the "Iraq is a great sporting nation in weight lifting?" point!

"The media seems to focus on the negative, so when you Google Iraq, for example, you get images of American soldiers with guns in rubble. This is not Iraq! Iraq has culture, music, fashion, children playing, sports champions, great architecture, etc. I wanted to create a positive tourism poster for the most dangerous countries that we cannot visit.

I started googling for positive elements of countries which are portrayed as being too dangerous to visit. Did you know that Iraq is a great sporting nation in weight lifting? Total surprise! I became a bit obsessed searching the internet, books and libraries. Surely there must be more to Lebanon? What are we missing about Colombia? The cultural diversity in the Central African Republic? Women’s fashion in Afghanistan? Amazing fishing community and tropical fish in the middle of Sudan? Finding all these little wonders from parts of countries becomes addictive. It was a duty and a mission to design a necklace showing the precious beauty of these nations in the form of a tourist poster portraying a proud identity. For example, Sudan in silver or gold becomes instantly precious. Anyone who comes across this collection gasps and wows, they pick their favorite countries by comparing the other countries, they pay attention to the subjects, images, details and cultures. The truth is that these little wonders have been there all along. These necklaces are to be cherished as are these nations."

Check out all her stuff at super fertile

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