Saturday, 24 November 2007


Tired but happy. Here are some pics of my stall today at the eco design fair. It was probably the best stall day I've had, in terms of selling, and in terms of how the stall improves every time..still needs some work, i want it to be more coordinated somewhat. But having hardly slept or ate this week preparing for this and excess uni work I'm so exhausted but content :)

my latest creation, tie-belts were one of the most popular items...

Also I was next door to a lovely, lovely couple I know from previous fairs. They sell scarves made from Alpaca wool, and balls of wool to knit yourself. Alpaca is an animal somewhat similar to a llama, and their wool is super soft, much softer than sheep wool. Their product is really unique and I'd really recommend anyone who knits to check them out. Or anyone who likes knitwear! They are changing website, I'm not sure which one they're mainly using at the moment so I'll put both

Plus lots of other fab and exciting designers and creations, a good day all in all.

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